LMS Announces Office Expansion Ahead Of Continued Growth

By: Kaylee Petersen

Orlando, Fla. (Aug 1, 2017)—LMS Inc. is excited to announce we are doubling our office workspace and relocating to a larger suite on Major Blvd. this August. The new office will be in the same building as our current location in Orlando, and will provide additional space to accommodate our magnified growth.

As we continue to expand our solutions and bring in more subject matter experts, we are bringing the entire team together for the first time in several years instead of separating into multiple offices across different floors. There is an added level of enthusiasm as we will be returning to where LMS first began over 20 years ago.

Company founder and Chief Executive Officer, Steve Cohen, began his entrepreneurial journey in a 10×10 office once located in the middle of the new LMS suite. The original space has been remodeled into an expansive office space of 7,000 square feet. In the past year alone, the company has grown over 60% and returning to the legacy space serves as an inspiration and reminder of how far we have come as a brand.

This move signals a new direction for LMS. It provides the space our team needs to foster an engaging and collaborative environment as we remain in a central location surrounded by Orlando’s top industry leaders and innovators. The new headquarters will include executive offices, breakout rooms, multiple conference areas, and a contemporary lunchroom for visiting partners and LMS team members.

“For all of us here at LMS, this move signifies where we are as an exciting organization that is developing quickly. Our temperament towards our mission and goals remain sincere and forthright,” said Cohen. “Today, there remains continual progress which impacts what we do as a company. Our team continues to solve problems while accomplishing and finding our way to a successful day, whether it is for a project and relationship.” LMS is excited for this new milestone and we look forward to using this as a launch pad for innovative work with forward-thinking industry leaders.

Today, we work closely with world-class technological and creative teams providing our partners integral project management support and resources, from planning and development to the integration of IoT solutions. We are grateful to everyone who has supported us through the last 20 years of progress and look forward to the next 20 years of advancement, excitement, and innovation.

About LMS Inc.

At LMS Inc. we are a technology-enabled, data-driven partner in Orlando, Florida providing a broad range of services in technology, strategies, digital, and consulting fields. With 1000 partnering clients across the nation, LMS forges relationships with leaders to achieve transformational growth through smarter business solutions.

To learn more information or discover career opportunities currently available at LMS, visit LMSonline.com/careers. You can also follow LMS on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


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