LMS Adds Specialty Dining And Hospitality Expert To Growing Orlando Team

Brad Cohen Named Senior Program Consultant For Specialty Dining Service Experiences

Orlando, Fla (October 26, 2016)—LMS Inc. is pleased to announce the addition of its new Restaurant and Hospitality Expert. The company has named Brad Cohen Senior Program Consultant and will be bringing in his hospitality expertise in connecting industry knowledge with strategic operations in regards to cost, quality, and compliance. This announcement comes in the middle of a recent expansion plan within the company to address the increasing need for innovative, data-driven business solutions.

“Brad is a tremendous asset to our growing LMS team,” said John Craig, Chief Operating Officer. “His commitment to a high service standard and depth of knowledge is just one of the many reasons why we are thrilled to have him on board. Our acquisition of his talents speaks to our current brand expansion plans and as we continue to grow, LMS is excited to move forward with efforts in providing innovative solutions and consulting services for the restaurant hospitality brands in our partner portfolio.”

Brad Cohen brings with him more than 25 years industry experience including Walt Disney World and Universal Studios, making him a natural fit to provide guidance and game-changing creative directions. His restaurant career highlights various unique opportunities that have allowed him to gain high profile, high volume experience. Brad’s experience allows him to impact performance, whether it is from a restaurant concept development perspective to the successful launch of large-scale food and beverage operations.

Prior to joining LMS, Brad Cohen worked as the Director of Operations at The Hangout, a renown Alabama Food and Beverage icon. While there, he coordinated and managed the food and beverage operations for the annual Hangout Music Festival, which was named one of the top non- touring music festivals in the country. Prior to, Brad produced top sporting events such as the American Volleyball Coach’s Association (AVCA) sand volleyball tournament, which later became an official NCAA event. Since he first began his hospitality journey as a young boy working at his uncle’s restaurant in Cleveland Ohio, Brad has had the unique opportunity of being exposed to every form of food service delivery in all types of venues. His expert awareness of the way hospitality systems should align with service allows business owners to complete the loop between knowledge and operations.

“It is my desire to support LMS initiatives and use my expertise to assist with the development of existing projects that are already off to a great start,” Brad said about his acceptance of his new position. “I want to see how we expand the reach of what we are doing with these projects and projects we are not yet aware of. My goal is to ensure that from beginning to end, every individual sees the logic and facts behind whatever product we are a part of in a way that is both sophisticated and simplistic. Sophisticated to get the results you need. Simplicity to make sure it is understood. This is my personal belief when it comes to every solution we deliver on.”

Welcoming Brad Cohen to the LMS team is one more example of LMS’s ability to attract top industry leaders and experts who share a high level of expertise and commitment to the hospitality business leaders they serve.

About LMS Inc.

LMS Inc. is a technology-enabled, data-driven partner in Orlando, Florida providing a broad range of services and solutions in technology, strategies, digital, and consulting fields. Over the past 20 years, LMS has refined its business methodologies to go beyond the traditional use of channel marketing, focusing on a personal approach while delivering a service standard of excellence. By combining their profound understanding of consumer and business behavior, LMS is able to establish lasting relationships between partners and their target audience across multiple industries. With over 888 partnering clients across the nation, LMS delivers the value of Innovation, Creativity, and Service to impact the way people do business.

To learn more information or discover career opportunities currently available at LMS, visit LMSonline.com/careers. You can also follow LMS on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

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