Leading from the Front: Hospitality Industry Leaders Out-think their Competition

Succeeding in the hospitality industry requires outrunning the competition. The most successful leaders are leaving the competition behind as they embrace digital technology and data analysis to transform their companies.

In January 2017, Arnold W. Donald, president and CEO of Carnival Corporation, the largest cruise vacation company in the world, delivered the opening keynote at CES, the world’s largest consumer technology event. His message? That Carnival was creating the future of the hospitality industry by using cloud-based computing to offer unprecedented hyper-personalized service to guests.

We are creating the most personal, simple and intuitive vacation experience. It’s an all-encompassing and totally unique approach…. This global platform delivers a lifestyle engagement and is a real game-changer.

Using Hyper-Personalized Data

Donald’s announcement underscored the ongoing transformation of the hospitality industry. Generic customer service is no longer enough. To thrive, companies must understand their guests’ needs down to the most basic level.

The data required to provide hyper-personalized service is far more granular than simple demographic information. For instance, if a guest usually orders a medium-rare steak or has a favorite cocktail, that information can be recorded and used to craft customized suggestions for servers to offer.

Partnering For Success

Hyper-personalized customer service doesn’t have to be confined to the biggest chains or brands, though. Partnering with LMS can give your hospitality company the tools for transformative guest experiences. Our experts implement microservice solutions that collect, manage, and integrate the high-quality data. Then, we utilize Big Data analysis to develop actionable strategies to increase guest engagement.

Data-driven business solutions require more than technology. Through insight, creativity, and technical expertise, LMS translates data into meaningful actions that your company can implement. Without a strategy, data is useless, but so is a strategy if your company cannot enact it. Contact us today to get a head start on your competition.


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