Improving Data Quality in the Food and Beverage Industry: Do's and Don'ts

In the food and beverage industry, Big Data has become the secret sauce for success. Analyzing customer habits and demographics provides the marketing tools to respond to changing tastes and purchasing patterns.

Cruise lines, for example, can leverage technology to collect information about the food and beverage preferences of guests while onboard their ships, making customized suggestions and keeping track of dietary issues and allergies.

Before plunging into the brave new world of data analytics, food and beverage companies need to understand that data is only as useful as its quality. Human error and faulty data management policies are the root of many data quality issues, but these can be resolved with foresight and strategic planning.

What are some of the basic issues to keep in mind about proper data collection and analysis? Here are some do’s and don’ts to help.

Data Do’s

  • Commit to quality data management. Ensuring the longevity and usefulness of a database prevents expensive problems down the road.
  • Keep it clean. Dirty data — such as duplicate fields, typos, and missing information — is useless to your company. Establish a data hygiene policy for your CRM data.
  • Do establish benchmarks for success. Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) provide the guidance necessary to ensure your marketing dollars are being spent well.

Data Don’ts

  • Don’t ignore data. The potential of data is great, but unless it is used to create an actionable strategy, it’s useless.
  • Don’t design your database and collection system solely for the present. Design for future needs. If a system is not scalable with the growth of your business, it can create huge problems in years ahead.
  • Don’t collect the wrong data. Make sure the data being collected is applicable to your business goals.

We Can Help

Our micro-service solutions offer food and beverage businesses the power to collect, manage, and integrate more high-quality data. The experts at LMS can use inventive and IT-enabled practices to translate data into audience engagement. Data-driven business solutions require more than technology. They require creativity and insight.

LMS helps its clients transform their businesses by combining innovative methodologies with big data analysis. We develop solutions that use hyper-personal data to provide actionable strategies that transform the customer experience. Contact us today at 800.257.5902.


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