How Understanding the Customer Journey Creates Better Brands

The customer journey maps out the customer experience — from the first engagement to the final transaction and beyond — giving companies a deeper understanding of the needs of their markets. Successful businesses focus on streamlining and individualizing the customer journey, creating memorable experiences that keep customers coming back.

Understanding the Journey

The best customer journeys put guests in the driver’s seat, motivated by their own preferences. According to Ray Gerber in an article for Marketing Week, in order to succeed, businesses must offer more consistent, individualized experience for customers:

The philosophical goal of intent-driven journeys is to turn every customer experience (whether purchase, inquiry or complaint) into a value-adding servicing opportunity. Naturally, this empowers businesses to help customers reach desired outcomes more swiftly – which, ultimately, leads to longer, more meaningful relationships.

Data and the Human Touch

It’s not enough to rely on technology to solve all the problems in the customer experience. The human element also plays a vital role. Divining useful information from the mountains of data which a company collects requires the expertise of data analysts who can craft compelling stories and deliver actionable advice. That data-driven advice forms the basis for a well-designed customer journey.

Writing in Forbes, Daniel Newman describes the importance of using the customer journey as a means of focusing on ways to improve the customer experience:

First, the basics: what is a customer journey map? Some people will say it’s a compilation of data that shows both what customers want to experience from your company, and what they are actually experiencing in real life. This involves their entire journey, meaning their movement from new customer (acquisition) to satisfied customer, and hopefully to loyal customer and advocate.

I use the phrase “some people will say” because to me, a customer journey map is far more than a list of things a customer wants. It’s far more than data, no matter how important that data most certainly is. A customer journey map is an opportunity for your company to differentiate itself—to craft a brand and product that responds to what the public really wants.

How Can LMS Help Businesses Become Better Marketers? 

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