How to Manage Consumer Stress Through CX

Designing the customer experience to eliminate frustration

The customer journey can be a stressful one, whatever the industry. Shopping is known for its frustrations — dealing with crowded stores, insufficient staffing, and confusing layouts. Travel can be challenging, as well, with unscheduled delays and a lack of real-time information about conditions.

People who are stressed and frustrated likely won’t be repeat customers. Successful companies design the customer experience (CX) to eliminate stress and minimize frustration at every interaction with consumers.

Informing Consumers

Writing in the Doing CX Right blog, Liliana Petrova states that consumers are demanding the information needed to put them in control of their journeys and experiences. She illustrates the point with examples of how two major mass transit organizations have responded:

The New Jersey Transit System and Long Island Railroad are building experiences that give customers the power to manage their journeys. Customers can see wait times and buy tickets via an app. Commuters know there is nothing more stressful than worrying about catching the right train. One delay can mean missing a meeting or a kid’s school performance. The stakes are high and so is the stress. On-the-go ticket purchasing alleviates a lot of that stress. No more lines in front of kiosks that may or may not work. No more adding time to an already long commute.

Remember Customer Preferences

On a smaller scale, businesses can collect and analyze data on customer transactions and preferences to provide the hyper-personalized service needed to keep consumers satisfied. Whether by keeping track of dietary restrictions to avoid ruining a meal at a restaurant or just making it easier to order the products they want and skip lines, companies can take simple steps to improve the experience for individual customers.

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