How to Help Guests Avoid the Wrong Kind of Excursions

In the cruise industry, the offboard guest experience matters as much as it does onboard. From sightseeing tours to soft adventure excursions to a night on the town in port, cruise guests have diverse options for shore experiences. But what happens when they go wrong?

Data-Driven Excursion Experiences

Getting excursions right is vital to ensuring a great experience for guests. Excursion opportunities can make up about 20 percent of the cruise experience, based on geographies of the trip. But one wrong recommendation can mean a nightmare of boredom or inconvenience for an unprepared guest.

Cruise companies can leverage digital technologies to provide hyper-personalized excursion planning and recommendations to guests. In a Maritime Executive blog, Ian Richardson writes that data-driven personalization can transform the individual guest experience:

Personalized data-driven technology will not only improve the passenger experience but also help with other issues such as health and safety, dietary requirements, embarkation and debarkation, information distribution, on the fly excursion planning, excursion and activity marketing, onboard social media and event management.

Using Experience Intelligence

To keep guests coming back, cruise companies must move beyond simply juggling facts and crunching numbers into the realm of Experience Intelligence, applying the insights of big data analysis to improve the individual guest experience.

Tracking guest preferences and compiling a broader psychographic profile of their interests allow cruise staff to suggest excursion experiences to individual guests that are more pertinent to their desires — whether they are more active or prefer quieter pursuits, what kind of restaurants they’d prefer, or what experiences interest them the most.

Taking the Next Step

The Experience Intelligence experts at LMS couple creative, data-driven strategies with Big Data analysis to help cruise industry clients better understand their guests on a personal level. To learn how we can help, call us at 800.257.5902 or message us today at [email protected]


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