How Do You Write an Engaging Blog Post?

How do you write an engaging blog post? You first need a worthwhile subject that organically becomes a key phrase for optimizing SEO. 

A teammate recently suggested I write a blog about writing a blog. This was in response to my asking him what it’s like to write code as a UI developer. Let’s go with “How do you write an engaging blog post?”

Who Am I Engaging?


LMS is a technology company, so our audience is tech savvy, most likely 25 to 60, and they don’t have much time to read. 

I want to include technology, SEO in this case. Yet, the audience is not robots, so let’s talk about a trending book and film, such as Where the Crawdads Sing, mentioned in my blog last week. I contacted the author, Delia Owens, for added insight but didn’t receive a response.

Should I expect a reply from a bestselling author? No. That said, a response from a publicity team is possible. The book has been on the New York Times Bestseller list for three years (15 million copies). On top of that, it was released as a film this summer, so Delia is happening.

I reached out via her website and asked, “This being your first novel, how did you enjoy the writing process?” It’s a remarkably successful first-time novel, especially for an author in her 70s. She is far from a first-time author, however.

I should ask her how do you write an engaging blog post.

Bring On the Crawlers

To maintain elementary SEO practices, I am linking last week’s Reading is Still Trending, Without All the Words post from the LMS and GEM websites.

Adding links, including the three internal above and the four external above that, help search engines find you. Readability is just as important. Long sentences hurt readership. So do long words and overly technical terms. Write in the present tense. In addition, use transition words to show the reader relationships between sentences.

How Do You Write an Engaging Blog Post?

I’ve written the key phrase five times. That was one too many, but you get the point. Optimizing SEO says to spread your key phase throughout the blog, but don’t make it obvious. 

Your blog will be engaging if you present curious ideas and relax with your imaginary reader. And don’t go past 400 words like I almost (399) did.

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