How Data Technology Companies are Building Better Corporate Cultures

A positive corporate culture is a basic building block for success. To succeed in today’s marketplace, businesses have to pay as much attention to developing their own cultures as their products. We spoke with our LMS HR Coordinator, Shelby Woods, for some insight into what makes a great corporate culture.  

Question: Why is corporate culture important?

Answer: Corporate culture matters because it helps with brand loyalty and employee retention. When you work with people that are happy, you’re going to get better clients. Overall, it improves the quality of services and encourages people to utilize their skills to be creative and forward-thinking.

Q: How can corporate culture boost brand loyalty?

A: My background is in hotel management, so I’ve worked the front desk at several hotels. When I go into a hotel, I can tell who’s passionate and excited compared to somebody who’s just looking at it as a job. We want people who really care because if they really care, they’re going to really listen and be more creative.

If you have a good corporate culture — where employees are encouraged to be creative and to further their education, where they like what they do and have a voice — your clients will see that, your team will see that, and they’ll all want to stay loyal to the brand.

Q: How does LMS approach culture?

A: We all share the same values and goals. We want to give the best service to our clients. We really listen, and we’re very engaged. 

One thing that makes our culture unique is that we like people to be very diverse. We want to know about your different, unique background and unique experiences and utilize them. So, you know, we encourage diversity. It helps us come up with more unique strategies. 

All in all, we want everybody to feel comfortable, to be positive. We want to be very transparent so that our team can contribute. We want their feedback so we can continue to grow and keep them happy.

Q: What are some good tips for encouraging a good culture?

A: Be grateful for everybody on the team — the impacts they’re making, what they’re doing, their contribution — just being grateful for whatever they’re bringing to the table.

Be transparent. You can see where team members can grow and where they want to grow. Through offering continuing education and encouraging them to grow, so they know we want them to grow and stay with us, the company grows, too. 

We want everybody to collaborate and work together and hopefully to form friendships, too. We don’t just want our teams to have a working relationship, we want them to have common interests and enjoy being around their team members at work. 

Whatever you can do by listening to your employees, seeing what they want and trying to accommodate it, that will help encourage a stronger culture overall. 

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