How Data Privacy Makes You a Better Marketer

The EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) may give consumers the power to say “no” to the use of their personal information, just as it can unlock the power of “yes” for marketers.

The prime directive of the GDPR is that companies must receive consent from an individual before any personal data can be processed or before they can be sent marketing messages. This active consent is a gift to marketers. Simon Carroll, writing on Medium, emphasizes the power of customer engagement that is created by the act of consciously opting-in:

Again, to say that it is better to use a consumer’s data with their consent seems obvious — and makes the alternative sound deeply suspect. But it’s about more than niceties. When someone grants permission they are acting consciously, becoming an active participant rather than a passive source of data to be pillaged. Permission equals engagement. And engagement is the ultimate goal here, isn’t it?

Focused Communications

In a Forbes article, Peter Isaacson writes that marketers can establish goodwill and trust with customers by protecting their privacy:

Once your employees recognize that privacy and security are integral components of maintaining customer trust, they will understand the importance as a key value for the company and recognize that their knowledge will lead to better communications with their customers.

In addition to consent, the GDPR includes other requirements that impact the way that marketers use and store consumer data:

  • Your company can only collect and store the minimum of personal data necessary for the process.
  • Your company must erase an individual’s personal data and stop processing it upon request.  
  • Consent to receive messaging must be refreshed every two years. Consumers can withdraw their consent at any time.

Get Help

Need help making sure your marketing efforts comply with GDPR requirements? The experts at LMS have the technical know-how to help your organization meet the new data protection regulations. Our team members are GDPR experts and can help guide your organization in integrating requirements into an insightful and focused marketing strategy. To learn more, reach out to us today at


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