How Data Can Help Drive Great Restaurant Experiences

In the restaurant industry, it’s important to offer a quality customer experience to every guest, every time. The best brands are using Big Data to fine-tune their operations in order to offer customers seamless, personalized service.

Turning to Big Data

In an article for QSR Magazine, John Morell writes that restaurant brands are taking a page from the playbook of the tech giants to find ways to boost the customer experience:

The art and science of big data involve taking both structured and unstructured data and figuring out how to incorporate them into marketing and operations planning. Modern high-tech companies like Google, Amazon, and Facebook have been doing this for years, and now other industries—limited service included—are trying to capitalize, too.

Data can be put to work for restaurants in ways that encouraging customer loyalty by personalizing the guest experience. For example, it can power software tools to help servers keep track of allergies and dietary restrictions for diners or create recommendations for suggested dishes based on past orders. These small steps can create memorable experiences for individual diners, which can make all the difference in turning a one-time guest into a repeat customer.

Improving Operations

In an article for VentureBeat, Rosie Atkins writes that data analysis can be used to inform and improve both back of house and front-of-house operations in restaurants. Optimizing operations creates more value for customers, creating a better service dining experience: 

For this reason, it’s likely that data-driven automation in restaurants will initially be focused on operations: things like using sophisticated forecasting to automate scheduling, and to optimize inventory and menu design.

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