How Can CX Reduce Travel Stress?

Travel is an inherently stressful experience. Depending on other people to get you to your destination on time is guaranteed to stress out even the most experienced traveler.

Fortunately, technology and data analysis offer solutions to create the best possible trip and minimize customer frustrations.

Following the Customer Journey

By paying attention to the customer experience (CX), you can help relieve travel stress for your customers and simultaneously make them more likely to choose you in the future. You can’t guarantee a completely stress-free journey, but you can take steps to smooth over the touchpoints that cause such annoyances.

A mobile app can calm travelers’ anxiety by providing them with customized answers to their questions on the go. Using technology to provide routine services to customers also frees up employees to focus on the interactions that require and deserve a human touch.

You can tailor your smartphone or web apps to facilitate all touchpoints along the customer journey. Take the stress out of the booking process with simple, intuitive interfaces and easy-to-understand pricing. That can be followed up with in-app functionality that informs the customer of delays, simplifies the check-in experience, and gives customized tips for food and lodging.

Using Data the Right Way

Collecting and analyzing data can help you tailor CX to reduce travel stress, but it is important to use that data holistically. Creating a hyper-personalized customer experience makes a traveler feel valued and cared for. However, travel isn’t only about individuals. It is also about groups.

As Sarah Steimer pointed out in her article “How Airlines Get Customer Experience Wrong with So Much Data” for the American Marketing Association:

If airlines tuned out the siren song of customer data and segmentation, they would see that flying isn’t an individual experience, it’s communal. It stands to reason that members of a flight can only be as happy as the least happy customer. While it’s important to make the most valuable passengers’ experiences the best possible, airlines need to use data to lift morale for all customers, rather than a select few.

Using data to understand your entire travel cohort can reduce travel stress for all customers, making the overall experience more positive and making them more likely to return to you in the future.

Data-Driven Solutions

If you want to use data to get quality insights into the needs of your travel customers, LMS has the expertise to help. We provide the necessary tools to put CX at the center of everything you do. Reach out to us today at [email protected].


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