From the Internet to the Front Door: Retail Solutions for Deliveries

Competition between online sellers and traditional retail businesses is transforming the retail environment. Brick-and-mortar sellers are moving into the delivery space to compete head-to-head with their online competitors. Meanwhile, online sellers are seeking to push further into retail sectors like grocery and pharmacy, which have been traditionally served by brick-and-mortar businesses.

Foot in the Door

The goal for both sides is to create a seamless online ordering and delivery experience for customers. So, the race is on to provide the most convenient and personalized customer experiences through online sites or mobile apps.

By collecting and analyzing data about purchasing habits and browsing history, individual user experiences can be customized throughout the customer journey. Products can be recommended to customers based on their interests or past purchases. Marketing communications can be tailored to the individuals, increasing their relevance.

Delivering More Than the Customer Ordered

The potential for personalized customer service can extend far beyond product recommendations. Writing in Supply Chain Dive, Deborah Abrams Kaplan reports that some businesses are exploring the idea of anticipating customer needs to increase sales at the point of delivery:

Using Big Data, retailers can predict what else a customer might want, even if they didn’t order it. The concept of a mobile warehouse is gaining steam. The fulfiller can load noncommitted inventory into delivery trucks, allowing drivers to upsell during the delivery process.

Just as Amazon shows customers additional products they might like during the checkout process, the driver can bring items the consumer has ordered in the past or might need or want, processing a potential additional order in person.

Data Infrastructure

Whether online sellers or brick-and-mortar retailers, LMS can help businesses collect and analyze the customer behavior data needed to drive the innovations to compete in a changing retail marketplace. Contact us today at to learn how we can help.


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