From Shop To Home: A Mobile Approach To Automotive Marketing

Automotive businesses face marketing challenges based on popular perception. Many people greet the idea of facing an overly aggressive salesperson at a dealership with even less enthusiasm than the prospect of public speaking or a dental exam.

Shopping patterns are changing in both the U.S. and globally, with consumers shifting their purchasing and commercial decisions online. Even that is evolving as consumer internet usage shifts away from desktops or laptops to smartphones and other mobile devices.

Shopping On The Go

As purchasing and commercial activities shift online, automotive businesses have a chance to move away from the traditionally dealership- or store-focused transactions. Instead of putting so much effort into making the sale in person or luring customers into making appointments for service, automotive companies can use digital technology to lower the barrier between impulse and action for customers.

Research indicates that the use of mobile apps is a promising avenue for automotive brands to convert window shoppers into empowered customers, according to Retail Dive:

Integrated mobile apps and connected vehicle services deliver more value for the customer, enhancing customer loyalty after the initial car purchase. A study… showed that vehicle buyers using a branded app were 73 percent more likely to make a purchase from the dealership, and after making a purchase, booked 25 percent more service appointments than shoppers without an app. They also spent more money than non-app users when purchasing a vehicle, 7 percent more according to a study commissioned by

Putting The Data Infrastructure In Place

To be useful, mobile apps require a robust digital backbone that allows customer data to be transformed into useful services. This could be a basic service reminder, such as suggesting it’s time to have a vehicle’s tires rotated based on miles driven, or something more sophisticated like recommending vehicle models based on driving habits and demographic information.

LMS has the expertise to help your automotive business make the transition into a digital marketing world. Our team can collect, manage, integrate, and analyze the high-quality data needed make branded mobile apps truly useful for your customers. Contact us today at


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