From Brick and Mortar Mailboxes to the Cloud

After the COVID-19 pandemic, the coming years seem to be full of uncertainties and new possibilities. Change is happening and the structure of businesses and long-standing institutions is in flux.

Just one example of these potential changes concerns the ability of the U.S. Postal Service to survive in its current form. News outlets report that it is expected to run out of money within months. This leads to questions that many companies are trying to answer. What if the mail doesn’t run? How would that affect business as usual? How can we practice direct marketing without traditional direct mail?

Traditional, print-based direct advertising had already been in decline over recent years due to companies shifting to online marketing, but current world precedents have expedited its fall even further. As online marketing has continued to increase in popularity, techniques to provide better value and reach the right consumers have become more advanced. 

Customers have increasingly become accustomed to seeing advertising that speaks directly to their interests. The preferences and technologies that drive online marketing continue to become more accurate in tailoring messages and products to the right individuals. Companies that embrace a future of personalized marketing driven by cloud-based CRM products providing customized customer experiences carry a strong advantage in today’s market.

Using Data to Improve Online Marketing and Personalize Experiences

Collecting Data

Cookie-cutter marketing and generic customer experiences do not appeal to today’s audience. In 2020, guests and customers expect to be treated like the diverse individuals they actually are. 

collectdataThe first step to providing the marketing that customers actually want is directly collecting reliable information on their demographics and preferences. It is important to continuously collect data and regularly update this information in order to keep up with a customer’s changing tastes and expectations. In an article for the American Marketing Association, Libby Stagnaro writes:

One of the keys to building a viable first-party database is collecting reliable and precise data. There’s no doubt that true purchase data from retailers creates a much clearer image of a consumer than unreliable third-party demographic segments or data gleaned from browsing behavior.

Because companies cannot control the quality or depth of third-party data, relying on information from outside parties can be a tricky proposition. First-party data is extremely valuable and should be directly owned and maintained in-house

Data Strategy and Utilization

Data AnalysisCreating actionable strategies from first-party data requires considerable know-how. In order to put data into action, companies must first gather and analyze insights about their customer’s preferences and interests.

Then, utilizing CRM technology to collect and manage data, companies can integrate technologies to recognize patterns and make personalized recommendations to consumers, resulting in the ultimate customer experience.

Creating a Go-To Brand

In a Forbes article, customer experience futurist, Blake Morgan, writes that moving to cloud-based personalized marketing and customer engagement is part of becoming a “go-to brand”.

The customer of the future is values-driven and wants to connect with brands they believe in and that do good in the world. That’s progress. But they also want highly personalized experiences, which create connection. Brands must deliver on both sides to deliver a strong customer experience.

The customer of the future is changing, but they will remain loyal to their go-to brands that continue to offer both connection and progress.”

Companies that keep up with evolving customer expectations by providing personalized experiences will be the go-to brands of the future. It is now more important than ever to move beyond traditional marketing and truly connect with your customers through first-party digital marketing strategies. To learn more about moving to cloud-based marketing to become a go-to brand, contact us. We are here to help.


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