From AR to Point B

Mapping out a better guest experience with technology

Augmented reality (AR) technology is giving businesses in the travel, tourism, and hospitality sector new opportunities to help guests better navigate the real world and venue services.

AR is a visual technology that allows computer-generated images to be superimposed on views of the physical world. What AR presents is just like our normal reality … except more useful, informative, and entertaining.

Travel, tourism, and hospitality brands have begun exploring the use of AR in smartphone apps, allowing guests to see an overlay of useful and entertaining images and information on top of real-word scenes through the camera phone.

Helping Guests Find Their Way

AR technology is particularly suited for wayfinding applications, according to Hotel Owner, which can directly enhance the customer experience in venues such as hotels, resorts, and amusement parks:

One particular way in which the hotel sector is achieving the enhancing of the customer experience is by utilizing wayfinding. Wayfinding refers to information systems that guide people through a physical environment and enhance their understanding and experience of the space. They provide visual cues, and wayfinding apps can feed into mapped out prompts, such as landmarks or signs, taking the stress out of navigation. Through an immersive AR wayfinding app, a hotel can ensure its guests can easily navigate their way through the city they are in, as well as within the hotel building itself.

All About Information

AR is particularly useful as a means of providing unfettered access to useful guest information by removing the need for staff intermediation, according to a report from IoT For ALL:

AR has emerged as an important concept within the hospitality industry in recent years because it allows the industry to enhance the physical environments and experiences that hotels and so forth sell.

Another … key explanation is the amount of information guests tend to ask for, both before they arrive and once they are there. AR technology can make a lot of this information readily available to customers at all times of the day, improving their entire experience.

Looking for a Partner?

Successful AR applications require a robust digital infrastructure. The experts at LMS can help guide the development and implementation of the data backbone to support AR wayfinding and information apps for travel, tourism, and hospitality brands. Want to learn more? Call us at 800.257.5902 or message us today at [email protected].


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