Ensure Frictionless Retail Visits Through Smart Technology

Shopping in a physical location can feel like a game of hide and seek. Trying to guess the internal logic used by retail stores for the placement of products is a recipe for frustration.

Are matches in the grocery section? Are pizza-making products in the same aisle as pasta? Do dowel rods belong in hardware or craft supplies?

In order to compete with the convenience of online shopping, retail locations have to strategize on how to reduce friction in the guest experience. Increasingly, brands are turning to the use of smartphone apps to help guide and add value during customer visits.

Store Assistant Apps

According to Technology Guide, virtual mapping is being embraced by brick-and-mortar retailers to increase convenience for their customers:

The retail industry is among the first to truly embrace indoor mapping-based technology. Macy’s made shopping in its Herald Square store in New York less confusing by providing shoppers with an app that finds their position in the store and provides personal directions to various departments and brands in the building.

Walgreens incorporates indoor mapping into its own app, showing customers where items on their shopping lists are located on a store map. Walmart offers a smartphone app that allows customers to check-in when picking up an online order and automatically enters assistant mode once a shopper walks into a store.

Other Uses

Smartphone apps can provide consumers with information about deals and special offers. By analyzing past purchases and shopping patterns, your customers can be provided with individualized recommendations for products and services that cater to their interests.

We Can Help

LMS can develop and implement the digital infrastructure needed to power virtual mapping apps for your retail locations. We can also collect and analyze data on customer behavior to give your apps the power to offer personalized recommendations. Contact us today at lmsonline.com/contact.



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