Eliminating Currency for an Easier Gaming Experience

Changes are coming to the gaming industry as digital strategies begin to cash in. Casinos continue to evaluate how to reduce expenses and enhance customer experiences. One trend everyone needs to pay attention to is the shifting away from hard cash to finding easy methods for guests to use electronic payments.

Joseph Pappano, writing about the rise of cashless gaming, reports that in some cases mobile apps are being used to fund prepaid wagering accounts at casinos:

Patrons can fund their prepaid account in many ways. From the convenience of their home or office, they can fund online via a transfer from their regular bank account or from a credit or debit card. They can also use a mobile app to do the same thing. When patrons are ready to start gaming, their gaming play funds are already on deposit in the prepaid account and can be used to fund a wagering account – part of the casino’s slot or casino management system.

Contactless Payments

Contactless payments using phone apps make transactions quick, easy, and can be more secure than paying via credit or debit cards. This is not only convenient for consumers, but it can provide comprehensive data on guest purchasing habits and preferences that can be used to transform casino marketing.

By analyzing data on what machines or tables the guests frequent, the kind of food and beverages they purchase, and their lodging habits, casinos can begin offering the kind of hyper-personalized guest experiences that will keep their customers returning.


The same mobile applications and internet-enabled devices that could be used to make the electronic payments can also be used as platforms to provide hyper-personalized services, offering customized recommendations and information on drink specials, gaming opportunities, and lodging specials.

Casino staff do not have to reinvent the wheel trying to integrate this kind of digitally powered approach to guest services. Our experts can develop the digital backbone necessary to integrate payment capabilities and customer preference data collection into smartphone applications. Contact us today at lmsonline.com/contact/.


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