Don’t Be Allergic to Change

Be better at serving guests with dietary restrictions through technology

Nothing can ruin a guest experience at a restaurant faster than an allergic reaction or not having acceptable dining options to meet dietary preferences. Today’s restaurants must be able to accommodate increasingly diverse guest requirements from avoiding allergens to providing plant-based meal alternatives for vegans.

Innovations in machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) are giving restaurants and other businesses in the food sector the ability to keep track of the preferences and dietary requirements of individual guests. By gathering and tracking guest information, digital technology can provide restaurant staff with the insight needed to avoid ruining meals and make it easier for individual guests to find the menu items they want.

Power of AI

Quoted in a Sage Advice blog, Spoon Guru co-founder Markus Stripf spoke about the power of continuing innovation and investment in AI across the food industry to meet customer preferences:

 “In this day and age, we should be able to cater for people’s needs regardless of whether they have a nut allergy, follow a vegan diet, or simply prefer healthier options. We need to make it easy for consumers for their individual and specific needs, tastes and preferences.”

Digital technology can give wait staff the insight to create memorable, frictionless guest interactions. This could be as simple as suggesting a wine they’d enjoy or knowing how they like their steaks (or vegan equivalent) cooked without having to ask.

Putting Big Data to Work

The utility of digital technology in the food and hospitality sectors doesn’t stop with keeping track of a guest’s dietary restrictions. Restaurant brands are discovering the power of Big Data analysis to personalize the guest experience and improve operations, according to researchers at Michigan State University:

From personalized marketing and menus to smart kitchen tech, to deep demographic dives, analyzing and implementing strategies based on Big Data is now the standard of the restaurant industry. New independents and emerging chains are using their tech-savvy and agile size to become competitive, while familiar legacy brands are going all-in on data-driven analytics to maintain market share and grow new customers.

This kind of technology isn’t just reserved for bigger brands. The experts at LMS can develop and implement the digital infrastructure needed to put data analysis to work for your restaurant or chain. Contact us at 800.257.5902 or email us today at


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