Dine and De-Stress: How Data Can Ease the Restaurant Experience

Restaurant dining shouldn’t be about rolling the dice. In today’s marketplace, consumers want consistent, convenient service when dining out, or they won’t come back. To keep customers satisfied, innovative businesses and chains can use data analysis to personalize service and find new ways to minimize diner frustration.

Giving the Customer Control

Big Data analysis lets restaurants amplify the simple pleasures of dining out for customers. By analyzing information about customer transactions and preferences, restaurants can provide the hyper-personalized service needed to satisfy them.

Much of this involves giving customers more power over the experience itself. In the Deloitte report, “Through guests’ eyes: Serving up a great restaurant customer experience,” the authors write that customers, used to the convenience of using mobile apps for retail transactions, expect more control when dining:

A restaurant’s brand is no longer only about food. If it ever was. Quality food is a basic expectation—the ultimate table stakes—and it is only one of many components that drives guest experience, and ultimately, customers’ decisions about where to eat and how much they’re willing to pay. In fact, modern dining starts and ends far beyond the physical experience, as mobile apps drive everything from ordering, tracking, delivery, and pick-up to instant photo posts and opinion-sharing. This shift puts the guest squarely in the driver’s seat. And that means the ability to deliver consistently engaging, memorable experiences that drive a connection to the brand at every touchpoint is more critical than ever.

Personalized Service

Through collecting and analyzing customer data, restaurants can take smalls steps that have big meaning for individual diners:

  • Keeping track of dietary restrictions to avoid ruining a meal at a restaurant
  • Making it easier to schedule reservations and skip lines
  • Building customer profiles that include favorite drinks and food, allowing servers to make pertinent suggestions
  • Making back-of-house operations more efficient, ensuring the ingredients for popular meals are always in stock and avoiding excessive waits for customers

Let LMS Help

LMS can assist restaurants in providing stress-free, convenient dining experiences for customers. Our experts can help design and implement the infrastructure and processes needed to turn the raw ingredients of customer data into the personalized services that will keep diners happy. Call us at 800.257.5902 or message us today at contact@lmsonline.com.


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