Delivering a Flawless Guest Experience

It is no longer enough for businesses in the hospitality industry to provide good guest experiences. In order to survive and thrive, hospitality companies must consistently provide flawless guest experiences to set themselves apart from competitors.

According to Hospitality Technology, mobile and online interactions are growing more important in guest experiences — not only in serving guests but in gathering the data necessary to personalize their experiences:

The race is on. Travel and hospitality companies have to deliver better, more relevant, and more engaging customer experiences that keep customers coming back. Whether on a mobile device on the go or on a desktop computer in a hotel room, consumers have high expectations of their interactions with a brand. It’s critical to develop a deep understanding of customer behavior, attitudes, and intent — and it is why user research is on the rise.

Changing Course

Each customer interaction with an employee is an important touchpoint that has the potential to make or break the guest experience. Companies must consider all the ways that guests interact during a visit or when making a purchase.

To adjust to evolving consumer reliance on mobile apps and online interactions, hospitality companies have to be willing to supplement traditional face-to-face processes with mobile applications and options. The customer journey must be made as frictionless as possible with an emphasis on adding value to every guest interaction.

Personalized Experiences

Digital technology can power these guest interactions. Through data on guest preferences gathered by mobile applications and Internet-enabled devices, hospitality staff can provide hyper-personalized service. This could be something small like knowing what kind of coffee guests like first thing in the morning or preparing to accommodate dietary restrictions.

This kind of digitally-powered approach to guest services doesn’t have to be out of reach for hospitality businesses. The experts at LMS can seamlessly integrate customer preference data into the software platforms that power smartphone applications. We can also handle the collection, management, and analysis of the high-quality data needed to provide flawless, hyper-personalized guest experiences. Email us today at


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