D is for Data Scientist

Explaining the roles of data science

Since 1974, when Peter Naur first used the term, data science has exploded into popularity as a business tool. Behind all the buzz, the question remains: “What is it really?” 

Data science isn’t just a job for data scientists. On a business level, the discipline is a team effort with several components. Data requires proper collection, processing, and analysis. It has to be properly storable and retrievable. Most of all, the resulting information has to be usable to guide business decisions.

Four Ds

There are four positions associated with data science. Each plays its own role in ensuring that data is accurate, usable, effective, and useful.

Data engineer: Ensures data is clean, reliable, useful, and stored in an easy-to-process format. If data is hard to understand, unlabeled, or difficult to process, it is useless to an organization.

Data analyst: Identifies trends and patterns in the collected data to provide business insights.

Data scientist: Makes inferences with available data and uses statistical analysis, algorithms and software tools to predict customer or guest behavior.

Data architect: Designs the data management systems needed to deal with massive amounts of information.

… And a B

Putting data science to work is more than just crunching numbers. Human touch and insight are still needed. Business intelligence remains a key component to success, according to insideBIGDATA:

Business intelligence and data science are often confused, especially by those unfamiliar with the industry. They are not synonymous, however. Business intelligence involves data, yes, but it’s more about the operational and contextual aspects of your organization. Through this process, you answer questions such as what, when, how or who. Learning more about your customers and audience, for example, is one aspect of business intelligence.

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