Customers Know What They Want — Does Your Development Team?

Who understands the needs of customers better? Software developers …. or the customers themselves? The answer should be obvious, but it’s something that businesses can forget when working at breakneck speeds to deploy a new product.

Avoiding Blind Spots

When developers alone drive the design process — building what they think the customer wants — the end result can be confusing or inconvenient for users. Without paying attention to the actual customer experience, usability suffers.

In an article for Forbes, Michael Chavez writes that developers and engineers can develop blind spots when it comes to building products to meet consumer needs: 

Most project methodologies come from engineers and are focused on scope, time and costs. These are important, but can lead to decisions that ultimately aren’t the key priorities from consumers’ point of view.

Antonio [Nieto-Rodriguez] noted: “The purpose is connected to the end user and the value add that it brings to the organization. You are able to see this connection when you ask the question ‘why’ multiple times. This is the best alignment mechanism to organizational purpose.”

Elevate the Customer Experience with a Strategic Partner

A common mistake that companies can run into is building products without an understanding of human-centered design principles. The best development processes incorporate design-thinking principles to help project teams understand customer problems and reduce waste of time and resources on features that no one will use.

Not every company has the right kind of experience to properly apply design thinking principles during the development cycle. It can be advantageous to seek out an external strategic partner that can better provide insights from a customer-centric standpoint. Strategic partners don’t just provide additional points of view. They can help coordinate multiple teams working on the same projects within the organization, helping them collaborate more effectively. 

Work Together

LMS can help by providing extensive expertise in data-driven design and project management, giving your company all-important insights into your customers and internal processes and, ultimately, providing the tools to develop a customer-centric vision in all your projects. Contact us today at [email protected], or give us a call at 800-257-5902.


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