Customer Experience Vs. Customer Service

The best customer service is no customer service at all. To thrive in the modern marketplace, companies must move beyond the traditional, reactive model of customer service to focus on improving the entire customer experience.

Being Proactive

The customer experience model is proactive. It involves looking for ways to improve and streamline the whole customer journey — from the first interactions with a customer, through your website or advertising, all the way to transactions and beyond.

By aligning business operations and processes around the customer journey, businesses can position themselves to offer a quality customer experience at every touchpoint in the timeline. By delighting customers at each point in the process, whether talking to a live person, interacting through the company’s website, or using a mobile app, a business can ensure they will keep coming back.


Through the analysis of their preferences and interactions, customer experiences can be tailored to the individuals. Hyper-personalizing the experience through product recommendations or content suggestions or even remembering a customer’s favorite purchase can improve retention rates and increase selling opportunities.

The Power of Big Data

Hyper-personalization is not possible without the ability to process massive amounts of information through Big Data analysis and then put the resulting insights to use. This requires the capacity for:

  • Automation of data collection and integration.
  • Data analysis and user experience testing.
  • Personalization by putting the data to work.

The ability to adopt a customer experience model doesn’t have to depend on a company’s in-house technical knowledge and existing digital infrastructure. LMS can help. Our team of experts has the know-how to build the infrastructure to gather, administer, and integrate the data needed to personalize all the touchpoints of the customer journey. Reach out to us today at


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