Carnival Continues to Innovate the Guest Experience 

Truly revolutionary hospitality and tourism brands aren’t afraid to think big. The world’s largest cruise vacation company, Carnival Corporation, is dedicated to creating a future of unmatched hyper-personalized services for its guests.

Unveiled in 2017, Carnival’s MedallionClass program uses Internet of Things (IoT) tech, Big Data analysis, and artificial intelligence (AI) applications to turn cruise ships into “smart cities at sea,” said John Padgett, chief experience and innovation officer at Carnival, in a Forbes interview. “… Our focus is the end-to-end guest experience being holistically delivered in a personalized way, a simplified way.”

The Ocean Medallion

Before embarking, passengers are issued a small, wearable Ocean Medallion device that gives them access to an array of convenient, hands-free services from unlocking their staterooms to providing touchless pay options. To make the technology work, three of Carnival’s cruise ships, including the Regal Princess, have been outfitted with more than 7,000 sensors and associated infrastructure. The technology will be rolled out on six more ships by the end of 2020.

LMS has served in an ongoing consultancy role during the project, helping coordinate dozens of other teams in implementing Carnival’s vision of a highly customized and personalized concierge experience for its guests. 

As the project evolved, LMS has fielded Experience Operations (EO) teams both onboard the ship and at the central operations center to further assist the implementation of the technology. EO encompasses the development, implementation, sustainment, and maintenance of the service ecosystem that brings guest experiences to life. 

Tailored Experiences

Successful brands will build innovative platforms for these experiences to flourish. Carnival’s MedallionClass initiative is a glimpse into the future of the hospitality and tourism industries. Guests today want tailored, unique, and innovative experiences that demonstrate a hospitality company’s familiarity with their personal preferences. 

LMS’s consulting services can help companies transform their visions for innovative guest experiences into reality. To learn more, contact us by phone at 800.257.5902 or via email at You can also visit us at


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