Building the Best Experience Operations Teams

Successful companies are taking customer experience (CX) management to the next level by building an Experience Operations model in their corporate structures. The goal: Transforming the customer experience into something magical.

The Role of Experience Operations 

Experience Operations sets the understanding that everything in the customer journey — from making a reservation to checking out at the end of a trip — is a touchpoint that can make or break the whole experience. An EO team will analyze the whole customer journey, finding and eliminating pain points along the way. 

Once fully involved in a project, an Experience Operations team can mold the procedure and practices to remove friction points and provide a better, even magical, experience for the guests. 

What makes a good Experience Operations team?

A successful Experience Operations team is diverse in its skills, with each member playing a key role to make the operations as efficient as possible. Each member must have a professional disposition, an unwaveringly dedicated mindset, and team-oriented entrepreneurial management skills. With a mindfully selected team of leaders, Experience Operations can help generate amazing guest experiences.

There are some common traits and characteristics found in strong Experience Operations team:

  • Patience: It takes a lot of time to begin molding and manipulating operations involving the guest experience. This involves the building of tools and tech, implementing ideas, training both the guests and the employees in new processes, and then ensuring sustainability. There are many obstacles and hardships to overcome, but the reward is worth the effort.
  • Efficiency-Forward Mentality: All changes to a company’s operations must enhance overall efficiency or they will fail in their implementation. If changing a procedure doubles the amount of paperwork an employee has to complete, it detracts from their motivation to support the change. It’s much simpler for them to continue doing things the old way. Nothing is sustainable unless its more efficient than what was previously in place. 
  • Personable: An Experience Operations team member must have a great personality that allows them to positively interact with guests and influence management. Gaining support for potential changes to operations requires becoming part of the broad culture of the organization. It takes some time, but persistence, friendliness, and kindness go a long way to supporting the EO mission.

Building the Right Teams

Team-building can be a challenge in any context, but especially when a business has begun the process of integrating Experience Operations into its structure for the first time. It can be helpful to collaborate with a strategic partner that has deep institutional knowledge of EO. That’s where LMS can help. We can build the right team for any gest experience project. Contact us at 800.257.5902 or [email protected] to learn more.


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