Breaking the Chain of Command

How Successful Companies are Retooling Team Operations

Sometimes finding the right team for a project can mean looking outside your organization. Especially when it comes to deploying new services, it can make a lot of sense to seek a strategic partnership that can field teams with the right mix of skills.

Empowering small teams to work outside the normal chain of command in an organization can unleash their creativity and ability to create positive change. Erika Andersen, writing in Forbes, observes that  pushing authority to teams beyond officially designated leadership can benefit companies:

When you give as many people in the organization as much autonomy and authority as they’re capable of executing well and consistently, the organization becomes more nimble, better able to respond to change, and employees become more productive and content. … The best hierarchies work to reduce the power differential throughout the organization as much as possible — and to keep doing so on an ongoing basis.

Experience Operations

One area where strategic partnerships can be especially helpful is in the emerging field of Experience Operations. A team skilled in EO practices and methodologies can help organizations enhance the whole consumer experience, streamlining the customer journey from start to finish to eliminate friction and pain points. 

These outside teams can provide specialized skillsets outside of the institutional knowledge of your organization, such as experience in data analytics, real-time reporting, and automation that can improve all aspects of the project cycle, from informing the initial design to refining the final release.

Digital Infrastructure

These days building a better product means working with external teams. LMS can work with your company to build stronger, more collaborative internal teams and robust connections with outside partners. A strategic partnership with LMS can leverage data and analytics to connect and coordinate multiple teams, giving your company the resources to build better products. Contact us today at or give us a call at 800-257-5902.


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