Are You Using the Wrong Map? 

Conceptualizing the customer journey

Mapping out the customer journey is a basic building block for marketing strategies. But what happens if your company is using the wrong map to navigate the marketplace? Although it’s easy to visualize the customer journey as a simple and linear progression from learning about your product or service to finalizing a transaction, the reality can be rather more complicated.

Writing in Forbes, Kimberly A. Whitler reports on research suggests that the decision-making process for potential customers isn’t quite as straightforward as assumed:

Rather than being a linear process, it is a concurrent process of searching for information, validating, and aligning key stakeholders across time. … Rather than being linear, which suggests a rational, pre-ordained set of knowable steps, the reality is that most buyers are not clear about how to get from problem to solution. The customer’s journey is more of a maze than linear path.

No One-Way Journeys

Writing in “Three Principles for Navigating and Mapping the ‘Connected’ Customer Journey,” Shama Hyder emphasizes the need to move beyond linear models of the customer experience:

With the traditional model, it’s easy to think in silos and see the customer journey as a linear, one-directional experience. Unfortunately, that mindset and approach is out of sync with today’s customer. The connected consumer has many options, and the research, interaction, and evaluation of a brand can span multiple devices and both physical and digital reference points.

Marketing strategies have to take all touchpoints of the customer journey into account — from a potential customer exploring initial options, through their gathering evidence and validating solutions, and finally to creating consensus among all the stakeholders in a household or organization. In a B2B environment, especially, there might not be one, single decision-maker to convince about your product or service. There can be multiple stakeholders involved in the decision-making process. 

So, ultimately, the best marketing is about identifying the right decision-makers and communicating your message at the right times during the customer journey. Using the wrong map means aiming at the wrong targets.  

Marketing Insights

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