Applying Design Thinking in B2B Marketing

Design thinking is an invaluable tool for improving the customer experience in the B2B sector. When you put the customer’s needs first in your marketing efforts, you are more likely to convert leads into sales.

Listening to the B2B Customer

The first step of design thinking is to understand your customer. In a case study written for Medium on 3M’s B2B marketing challenges, Mohit Mehrotra wrote about the benefits of adopting a collaborative approach:

Marketing, until then relegated to producing power point templates and writing technical documents, started to drop-in more frequently into sales conversations. They paid close attention to the multiple roles that sales had to cater to, the needs and challenges of each buyer, their decision criteria and their sentiments at various points in the sales cycle. Deep customer listening and observation produced sharp insights into the latent needs of these decision makers.

Design thinking requires a cross-functional approach. Only through collaboration with other departments can marketing teams thoroughly address customer needs. Every department in your business has a different insight into the customer experience. To apply design thinking, open communication and teamwork are the keys to success.

Getting the Message Across

In B2B marketing, it’s vital to quickly communicate to time-crunched buyers the proven benefit and value of your product or service. Writing for Forbes, Blake Morgan said:

In order to build a compelling B2B customer experience, companies need to be aware of the customer journey. The vast majority of B2B buyers do research online before they contact a company and are 57 percent of the way through the marketing funnel before they talk to a sales rep. With that in mind, B2B companies should have good marketing funnels and strong web experiences.

Applying design thinking to B2B marketing can ensure that your customers are receiving a high-quality customer experience from their first moment of contact and that they hear your full product message in the way they desire.

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