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Data Analytics and Mobile Technology in the Health Industry

Digital technology is altering the healthcare industry and giving physicians more tools than ever before to help improve health outcomes for patients. Insights gathered from Big Data analysis and mobile health technology are being used to customize treatment plans and improve disease management.

VentureBeat reports that health care providers in Singapore are using Big Data analysis to improve the quality of patient treatment for chronic diseases:

Take diabetes, a condition that can lead to extended hospital stays, which is both costly and puts strain on medical infrastructure. But when Singapore healthcare providers dig into analytics to better understand each patient’s condition, lifestyle choices, work and home environment, they can create personalized treatment plans tailored to that person’s individual behavior. For example, if the patient struggles to remember when to take her medication, her specialized treatment would address that specific problem.

Mobile Health Apps

The growing adoption of mobile health (mHealth) technology has the potential to improve medication use and patient compliance, according to Stanley Szefler, MD, a co-author of a study published in The Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology:

Incorporating digital medicine data into clinical practice relieves the burden on the patient to recall every instance of medication use and relieves the burden on the provider to estimate whether the patient’s reporting is accurate. A growing body of research suggests that digital medicines will completely change the way we monitor medication use and disease management.

Help with Data Infrastructure

All these technologies require a significant investment in the design and implementation of the data backbone necessary to collect, analyze, and create actionable strategies from patient information.

If your healthcare organization needs technical assistance to put all the pieces together, our  experts at LMS can help. We have experience designing the data collection and analysis systems needed to create individualized, useful solutions that can be put to use in any consumer or business setting. Email us today at contact@lmsonline.com.


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