A Holiday to Remember: The (Gen) X, Y & Z of Personalized Guest Experiences 

For decades, tourism companies have worked toward personalizing the experiences they offer to their guests, but with the advent of Big Data analysis and artificial intelligence (AI) tech, the playing field has shifted. The potential to create truly memorable experiences for guests driven by their own personal interests has never been greater.

Personalization Makes Holidays Better for Everyone

Whether a baby boomer or millennial, a member of Gen Y or Gen Z, travelers find personalized travel services and guest experiences appealing. Quoted in Travel Weekly, Princess Cruises president Jan Swartz said that all travel brands will have to up their games to meet or exceed expectations:

Consumers are getting accustomed to a level of personalized service that we have to stay competitive with. It is that difference that is going to drive greater and greater conversion to cruise as a vacation alternative, when we can deliver a level of personalized, attentive service that you can’t find anywhere else on the planet.

Going Solo

In Forbes, Bernard Schroeder writes that hyper-personalization can help the tourism industry to better capitalize on the interest in traveling solo, which is growing among consumers of all ages:

Some key themes seem to be rising within solo travel that entrepreneurs and marketers should be paying attention to as this trend is creating opportunities. With so many people interested in solo travel, there is natural inclination to perhaps buddy-up or connect with other solo travelers or to utilize a local who could provide a more intimate tour or even be a travel companion for the day. Think of it like an Uber for travel. You are in Rome for the day and would love to hang with a local who can give you an efficient and perhaps more enlightening tour of Rome. This one-on-one type of service would be more personalized that a standard group tour.

The Personal Touch

The true benefit of data-driven personalization in the tourism industry is the ability to scale premium-level personal touch to all guests. If your hospitality brand needs help developing an actionable strategy that uses Big Data and digital technology to offer these personalized experiences, the experts at LMS are ready to help. 

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