A Guiding Hand: The Virtual Concierge Effect in Tourism

Personal touch matters in the tourism industry, whether at the biggest resort or the smallest boutique hotel. In the online age, though, the personal touch means embracing data science and machine learning to provide travelers with customized service.

What Is A Virtual Concierge?

Writing in Retail Dive, Rakin Azfar reported that research shows a growing number of travelers are interested in mobile concierge apps, downloadable mobile apps that can provide a number of personal services:

…46 percent of travelers would happily use a mobile concierge service with requests such as restaurant reservations (62 percent), directions (51 percent) and tickets to tourist attractions (48 percent) topping the list of what they would ask for.

Virtual concierges, like their flesh-and-blood counterparts, can be used to order services, track requests, book reservations, and even make suggestions for local restaurants or experiences. The best apps move beyond simple transactions to a level of personalization that enables memorable customized guest experiences.

This could involve the virtual concierge being able to automatically recommend restaurants based on previous reservations or suggest local concerts based on musical tastes.

Importance Of Data Analysis

A virtual concierge is only as good as the data infrastructure behind it. Businesses must have the ability to collect and harness personalized information on a large scale. Each interaction with a virtual concierge — whether by booking lodging in a specific city or making reservations at a particular style of restaurant — creates another data point to personalize service on an individual level and to drive overall marketing strategies.

Developing this infrastructure is within the reach of travel businesses of any size through a partnership with LMS. We offer microservice solutions to help you collect, manage, and analyze high quality data. Our experts also seamlessly integrate data into forms usable by the software platforms that drive smartphone applications, like virtual concierges, putting it to work for your guests. Contact us today.


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