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  • Project Management
    Successful project management requires quick analytical thinking, technical acumen, and the ability to communicate across platforms.

    Our team of strategic innovators supports Fortune 100 global brands. We know what it takes to develop a clear long-term strategic plan as well as the day-to-day tactics to implement that plan. Whether sitting face-to-face with key stakeholders or collaborating on a conference call with partners around the world, we develop and manage the teams necessary to bring your project to fruition.

    Projects live and die by leadership. When you invest in the future of your business, you need to know your team has the ingenuity, the adaptability, and the grit to deliver. That's what you get with LMS.

  • Marketing Expertise
    You can't be all things to all people. The good news is, you don't have to be. You simply need to get in front of the right person at the right time to build a long-lasting relationship.

    We have more than 20 years of experience building and testing traditional, direct, digital, broadcast, and social media marketing. As partners, we will work with you to create a personalized marketing campaign from the ground up. Custom-tailored to your product or service, we will build micro-targeted lists that place you in front of your ideal customers with a message that resonates.

    Everything begins with a conversation. No matter your marketing challenges, our full suite of data-driven marketing solutions will help you cut through the noise so you can be heard.

  • Innovation
    Self-driving cars and biometric scanners are not innovations. They are the result. Innovation is a mindset--the method of thinking critically, laterally, and freely to discover new solutions to old problems.

    Today's most successful business leaders understand how to modify their business models and adapt to changes to achieve a competitive advantage at scale. In order to create something that has yet to be conceived, you must have the vision to see where your business is moving and the resources to charge ahead with confidence. That is what LMS, Inc. provides: the tools and the team to help you build for the future.

    Using insights gained from more than 20 years collecting and analyzing business and marketing trends, we will help you transform your business from what is to what it could be. Even incremental change can lead to exponential growth. We can show you how.

  • Big Data & Data Science
    The cornerstone of smarter business is understanding who your customers are as real people. The challenge lies with the sheer volume of consumer, business, lifestyle, and social data available to you.

    When you partner with LMS, we enhance your data with ours to provide you with deeper insight into who your ideal customers are and what makes you right for them. By combining big data with machine learning, we can identify and overcome your customers' greatest hurdles by providing customized technology-driven solutions. With our digital dashboards and hyper-personalization services, you will connect with and get to know your customers on a deeper level.

    Where and how you deploy this information is critical. If you understand who your customers are today, you can prepare for where they'll be tomorrow.

  • Customer Experience
    To attract, satisfy, and retain the customers you want, you must fundamentally understand what they are truly after.

    By combining our innovative methodologies with data-driven research, we can help you design a seamless journey to convert initial prospects to loyal customers to brand ambassadors. Discerning customers will pick quality over quantity every time. Our management and data-centered research will help ensure your customers’ journey is on the right road leading straight towards your business.

    When you can anticipate your customers' needs and desires before they're ever voiced, you become more than simply a solution to a problem. You become a partner they can trust.

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