traveling the country as a full-stack software engineer

Katie is able to pull off traveling the country as a full-stack software engineer. She’s not working from the road. Instead, taking opportunities for extended stays in some of the most beautiful areas of the U.S. 

She is adaptable to change, developing software for projects adaptable for diverse, enterprise-level partners. For LMS, she works on projects ranging from the cruise industry to medical device innovators.

A key figure in database administration and application architecture, Katie plays a vital part in developing and upgrading our applications and system architecture. She works remotely for both LMS subsidiaries, GEM and LMS Tech.

She plays a role in securing and developing our CRM system for our partner, Hologic, Inc. In addition, she is a crucial figure in developing the new generation of the xOpsTools application that supports MedallionClass® technology, specifically for the entire fleet of Princess Cruises ships worldwide.

How did she arrive at LMS?

“I completed a coding boot camp in the Orlando area, and at the end, we showcased our projects to local employers and industry professionals. The former CTO of LMS attended my session and recruited me.”

Northwest to Southeast

Northwest to Southeast

Katie has been with LMS since 2021 and makes the most of the travel opportunities that few can pull off. She’s been all around the states, absorbing the sites as she goes. Currently, she calls Charlotte, NC home.

“I’m originally from Rockledge, Fl. I’ve been traveling around for the past year. I’ve lived in and worked from Orlando, Houston, Seattle, and Atlanta.”

Continuing education is vital to her various roles. Tech changes necessitate a fluid education as we upgrade services for our partners and take on more challenges. Our teammates sign up for courses and test themselves, but their team leaders are liaisons to the certification process.

With a master’s in Geographic Information Science, she initially worked as a GIS Specialist for county-level government in Florida before coming to LMS.

Traveling around the country allows her to see the people and places she wants to, and live the life she chooses. With all the time spent in from of a computer screen, she makes the most of the time away.

“I like to go hiking in the summer and snowboarding in the winter. I’m big on National Parks, so I try to visit a few every year.”