Deep Patel is the LMS Scrum and Project Manager. He joined us in 2021. He’s a key figure in organizing, planning, and executing projects and proposals. He also acts as Scrum Master, employing the methodology of project management.

In short, he makes sure things get done. 

“I wear both hats at my job at LMS,” he clarifies. “While I carry the Scrum framework into all the projects I work on, I’m a project manager in the sense that I have to be flexible whatever framework or methodology is needed to get the task done.”

Deep is a familiar face on the Zoom calls to those involved in LMS meetings throughout each week, leading the teams through the steps it takes to get from one point to another. He works remotely from South Carolina. A calm demeanor serves him well as he subtly pushes agendas through their planned courses toward a resolution.

The Job of a Scrum and Project Manager

Being a project manager takes skills, confidence, and experience to pull off with a wide range of teammates, executives, and high-level leaders representing our partners and potential partners.

“I have a background in project management and team collaboration, which is very important when it comes to cross-team communication with multiple departments at any given time.”

Meeting are numerous and necessary, and projects change scope. Partner needs change, as do technological requirements and approaches to proposals. Budgets, financial restraints, and deadlines come into play, as do personality and cultural differences among those in discussions or negotiations.

Deep adds, “the most challenging aspect is navigating the impediments my team may have and finding the resources to be able to complete the ‘Sprint.’”

Here’s how a typical day progresses.

“My day starts with the daily Standup where I tell my team a joke of the day, which doesn’t always land (tough crowd). The rest of my day is filled with facilitating and participating in meetings to discuss my various ongoing projects.”

He is a part of everything at LMS and GEM and a good source for updates on a project’s progress. His low-key approach enables him to get things done while flying under the radar. 

“I love the cross-team collaboration I get to do on certain projects. The great part of my job is it never feels isolating, and I get the opportunity to dive into different departments and see how they operate.”

Traveling is always around the corner in his free time, as is reaching out to his local community.

“In my free time, I’m usually traveling, exercising, trying out new recipes, and playing with the local stray cats.”