People Are Her Business. Melissa is the Manager of Human Resources Programs. She has been with LMS since 2019 and works remotely from Texas.

She played a crucial role in developing the HR team, helping to develop systems and implement daily HR operations to maximize efficiency for the company. Identifying the specific needs of each department is a critical part of her daily tasks, and recruiting talent to fill those positions is the challenge.

Melissa has expanded her role to include implementing software programs and other technical and cultural requirements for the HR department.

“I am responsible for the majority of initiatives the HR team leads, from the pursuit of work visas for our employees to all software programs that assist the HR team,” she explains. “These include the recruitment, onboarding, employee life cycle, and off-boarding.”

LMS employs a wide variety of skilled team members for its client partners, and Melissa plays a vital role in finding diverse talent. Whether a software developer in Brazil or a web developer in California, she expedites the search and assures a professional recruitment process.


Melissa DeArce: People Are Her Business

“We look for qualified individuals with great experience and great determination to learn and grow with our team and company as a whole. We are always looking for potential and are willing to train as well. Our team is dynamic and agile, so our goal is to look for those that complement the team.”

She is a Subject Matter Expert (SME), providing the team or clients with specialized knowledge regarding a specific practice, process, or company policy. It often requires a new or fresh perspective and individual assessment of each unique circumstance raised.

“Every day is interesting and is made that way by all of the team members at the company,” she explains. “One of my favorite things is being an SME; someone the team can go to with their questions. It can be like playing ‘squirrel’ most days, and I find that keeps it fun and interesting.”


Life Away from the Office

She is an animal person away from the office and spends time training and playing with her mini-poodle, Binx. Photography is also a passion, including an extensive collection of antique cameras. She is active and can occasionally be seen bouldering or indoor rock climbing. She helps maintain her cardio with a Peloton bike.

Working from home has worked out well. 

“Technology has allowed us to remain in contact, and I have found that a great workout routine coupled with zoom meetings has amped my energy to tackle the daily workload. I can be more productive from home with more control over the social interactions that I magnetize towards, and I love the most about the position.”