What is the Customer Experience Ecosystem?

Businesses are more than the sum of their parts. Each is a piece of a bigger ecosystem that intertwines their employees, partners, customers, and marketplace. Successful businesses are those that develop experience ecosystems which place their customers at the very center of their model.

Basis of the Customer Experience Ecosystem

Writing in diginomica, Barb Mosher Zinck relates that each department in a business can contribute to the
customer experience ecosystem:

The foundation that underlies the entire ecosystem is the data – about customers, about products and services, about industry trends and so on. Data must be pulled together from every part of the organization to create a single comprehensive view of the customer and everything that influences their decisions and affects their experience with the company.

In this context, a customer experience ecosystem is a multi-layered system that aligns business processes and operations around the customer journey. This allows them to deliver exceptional customer experience at every touch point in the process.

Putting the Customer Data to Work

It is easy to talk about establishing a customer experience ecosystem, but how can businesses collect the right data across all levels of their organization? Even more importantly, how can they use that data to create actionable results?

At LMS, our experts have years of experience helping organizations collect, manage, understand, and integrate the data needed to improve their customer journey. We can develop the infrastructure to support a healthy customer experience ecosystem for your organization, collecting high-quality data and then analyzing it to provide key insights for improvement.

Our core expertise includes:

  • Research and analysis. Through data-centered research and user experience testing, we ensure your business fully engages its customer ecosystem.
  • Personalization. Our research and analysis offers fundamental insight in proactively meeting your customer’s expectations.
  • Automation. Seamless data collection and integration with the least amount of effort.

We can build a customer-centered experience ecosystem that will let your organization exceed your customers’ expectations with personalized and consistent services at every step of the customer journey. Reach out to us today at


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