“We’ll Always Have Paris”

How memory defines the guest experience

The hospitality industry can learn a lot from classic movies. Case in point, Rick’s famous quote from CasablancaWe’ll always have Paris,” a testament to the power of memory to enrich experiences. 

Memory is a funny thing. For most people, it’s less of an in-depth documentary of past events and more of a scrapbook of individual moments — the best, the worst, and the just plain random. For the hospitality industry, the nature of memory helps define the customer experience, for good or ill, from the perspectives of both the individual guest and the staff serving them.

Supplementing Memory

Human memory is fallible. Rather than relying on individual staff members to keep track of guest behavior, hospitality brands need the capacity to collect, retain, and analyze information about guest preferences and interactions. 

Once the information is collected, machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) applications can be used to provide staff members with the insight to create personalized experiences for guests. The technology can take the burden of memory and analysis off of individual team members, empowering them to concentrate on serving guests.

Peak Moments

AI and machine learning cannot substitute human interaction in the hospitality industry. To work to their best effect, the insights gathered from guest data must be mediated through staff interactions with guests. Because of the way that human memory works, every interaction with a hospitality team member has the potential to embody the entire experience for guests. 

For example, imagine a couple booking a stay at a hotel for their anniversary and being greeted with balloons or flowers and a nice card from the staff. That creates a special, magical moment they will treasure. On the other hand, if a guest has dietary restrictions and is served the wrong food, leaving them ill and unable to enjoy the experience, that might be all they ever remember of the experience.

Writing in Forbes, Micah Solomon reports that these moments can make or break the entire customer experience for guests:

 “Peak moments” (positive peaks and negative peaks), no matter where they occur, are also highly memorable. …  It’s quite possible for a single peak moment to matter more than all of the non-peak moments in a customer experience combined.

Analog Interactions with a Digital Boost

Hospitality companies that use digital technology to enhance face-to-face guest experiences can set themselves apart in a crowded marketplace. Smaller businesses can use machine learning and AI applications to level the playing field with larger competitors.

LMS can help. Our experts are experienced in integrating customer preference and interaction data into applications that can help provide memorable, hyper-personalized guest experiences. Contact us at 800.257.5902 or email us today at [email protected].


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