The Human Touch: Data Needs Insights to Drive Decisions

Big Data can mean big problems for organizations without the insights to understand patterns in a flood of information.

Although data analysis can be used to predict customer behavior and hyper-personalize services, Big Data is only part of the equation for success. Merely being able to process massive amounts of information is useless without the creative insight to recognize patterns and apply them to real-world solutions.

The Power of Insight

Big Data analysis of consumer preferences and interactions gives businesses the power to tailor customer experiences on an individual level. The insights gained from the data can be used to increase selling opportunities and improve customer retention rates.

Still, finding the right strategy is about more than compiling massive amounts of information. Writing in Forbes, Steve Olenski emphasizes the role of insight in applying the rules of Big Data analysis to marketing efforts:  

Having a wealth of knowledge is a huge advantage — until your knowledge surpasses others’ understanding. If people don’t know how to apply a significant piece of information, that data is useless.

This is why data science is so essential to the marketing equation. “The most powerful data scientists are those who act as bridges between insights and people,” says Kirill Eremenko, the founder and CEO of SuperDataScience, an online educational portal for data scientists and data science enthusiasts. “There’s a science behind analytics; however, communicating insights is an art.”

Big Data Partnership

At LMS, our team of experts has extensive experience in collecting, processing, and applying the insights gathered from massive amounts of data. We combine the art of marketing with creative insights with Big Data analysis. We can help implement the digital backbone to gather and process comprehensive data to empower creative marketing solutions. Reach out to us today at


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