Improving Patient Experience Through Smart Apps

Powerful smartphone apps allow health organizations to better help their patients manage their treatment and prescription options.

Patients are consumers of healthcare services. As a whole, consumers across all sectors of the economy increasingly rely on online interactions and mobile apps throughout their customer journeys. Health organizations can use these apps to help their patients better manage their own treatment while streamlining their customer experience.

The Right Message at the Right Time

Just-in-time adaptive intervention (JITAI) is a design model for smart technology that can be used to help improve health outcomes by capitalizing on short-term opportunities, according to University of Michigan research:

The just-in-time adaptive intervention (JITAI) is an intervention design aiming to provide the right type/amount of support, at the right time, by adapting to an individual’s changing internal and contextual state. The availability of increasingly powerful mobile and sensing technologies underpins the use of JITAIs to support health behavior, as in such a setting an individual’s state can change rapidly, unexpectedly, and in his/her natural environment.


A JITAI is based on providing the correct type of information at the right time by adapting to a patient’s behavior and engagement habits. They range from notifications used to help patients remember to take their medicines at the correct times, remind them of doctor’s appointments, or even help them find the most economic options for prescription drugs under their insurance.

To be useful, these notifications must be both timely and applicable. Any platform used to send these notifications must be capable of analyzing extensive patient data — from treatment and prescription data to insurance claims — to provide hyper-personalized information at just the right time and frequency.

We Can Help

A healthcare organization might not have the technical knowledge to enable the big data analysis necessary to provide hyper-personalized service to patients, but it doesn’t have to go it alone. The team of experts at LMS can help develop the digital infrastructure to collect, manage, and analyze the high quality data needed to power smartphone-based healthcare apps. Email us today at


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