Can You Smell What AI is Cooking?

The role of data analysis in restaurant operations

Burger King has been encouraging customers to have it their way since the 1970s, but innovations in artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning are giving restaurants the ability to know what customers want without having to ask.

The ultimate goal of the hospitality industry is to satisfy guest needs before they become demands. AI technology can allow restaurants to not only anticipate guest needs, but know their desires. AI-powered chatbots or apps can assist customers with making reservations or compile their food and drink preferences and any dietary restrictions or allergies.  

By interacting with AI, the guest can be given an opportunity for relevant dialogue before they even get to the restaurant. With the information gathered, chefs can appropriately prepare  to create meals and the servers can be alerted to preferences, allowing the guest experience to be tailored from a place of knowledge.

Back of House Benefits

The use of AI can help optimize back of house operations of restaurants, streamlining scheduling and ordering, cutting down on food spoilage, and increasing efficiencies. Writing in Venture Beat, Rosie Atkins emphasizes that AI-driven improvements in restaurant operations ultimately enhance the front of house experience for guests:

And this is only the beginning. As the technology matures — and more restaurant owners take the leap to adoption — we can expect deeper analytics around menu pricing and ingredient intelligence, and forecasting that helps with staff scheduling.

For restaurant owners, this kind of information is valuable in making operational decisions — pulling low-performing menu items or putting Brian the server on the slowest night because he’s great at upselling wine — but that value is ultimately passed along to the customer as well in the form of more appealing dining options and better service.

If your restaurant needs help harnessing the power of AI to improve operations, the machine learning experts at LMS are ready to assist. We create the digital infrastructure needed to put your customer data to work. Call us at 800.257.5902 or reach out to us today at [email protected]


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