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Remote Working – Best Practices for Productivity

These days, it seems like just about everyone is working away from the office. Many businesses that never had any intention of using a remote working model have had to learn how to make it work on the fly. While our organization already had the infrastructure in place to make a seamless transition, over the past four months, other challenges of remote work have come into sharper focus. Read on to learn about best practices for a productive remote working environment.

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Protect Yourself: Clean Data Means Better Decisions

No matter how detailed, information is useless if it can’t be properly processed due to bad data hygiene. When using big data, in fact, keeping it clean is just as important, if not more so, than the actual data. Why? Because data is only as useful as its quality. The problems often start with faulty data management policies, leading to business mistakes and misguided decision-making. 

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Ensure Frictionless Retail Visits Through Smart Technology

Shopping in a physical location can feel like a game of hide and seek. Trying to guess the internal logic used by retail stores for the placement of products is a recipe for frustration.

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