Almost everything LMS and GEM produce involves content. It may be a word or two, but someone has to come up with it, and that’s where Bob comes in. Channeling the Company Voice is the objective, as he works from both Orlando and Connecticut.

He has been at LMS since 2021 and spends most of his time writing blogs and content for the new LMS sites and projects as they come along. Newsletters, manuals, scripts, and whatever is needed at a particular time. As a former reporter and business writer, he’s used to writing about any subject on short notice.

“I quickly realized being a reporter was good training but not what I wanted to do. I kept taking writing courses and doing meetups with other writers. Later, I worked at a consulting firm in the stock market industry, which was volatile, but also a good experience.”

What’s the Biggest Challenge?

“Research. I’m usually writing about tech, and I can’t risk errors or describe things every techie already knows. The challenge is writing in the “voice” of LMS or GEM. It’s information for the site visitor, but it’s also marketing copy. LMS and GEM are straightforward about what they do, so I don’t have to write any fluff.”

Channeling the Company Voice

Working remotely from the Burnham Library in Bridgewater, CT.

What Do You Do Away from Work?

“Physical and mental health is a big part of my life. With so much time in front of a screen, I’m careful to maintain my sanity. I have a little too much energy. I run 20 miles a week and meditate to get it all together. Going to the beaches and trips to New York City are my favorites.”

What Would Someone Not Know About You?

“My first career was in recording studios and post-production in New York. Good growing up time for me in the city, and I worked with many talented people. I still listen to a lot of music but mostly write about it in my own time. I also published a book last year. It’s short story humor, and no one gets it. Nothing remotely related to what I do at work.”

Channeling the Company Voice

What’s in Bob’s Future?

“I’m excited about the future of LMS, GEM, and LMS Tech. I want to see us grow, take on more partners, and gain recognition for what we do for the guest experience and CRM.” 

He flies under the radar in group settings but spends a lot of time taking notes and interpreting the big picture to describe it to the outsider.

“Trisha is a master at handling the workload, and our creative team is a lot of fun to work with. I want to get to know more of the team in Fort Lauderdale. It’s incredible what they accomplish 24/7 at the xiC. Other than that, ending world famine, political strife and improving the global economy is all that makes me happy.”