As Director of Technology, Anderson Costa Leads with a Collaborative Spirit. He is a recent addition to the LMS team. He comes from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, where he worked for the energy company Halliburton for more than a decade.

He brings years of experience in systems development, strategic consulting, business analysis, and product development. In Rio, he led his team in developing and delivering user-friendly software to clients, from start to finish.

Anderson Costa Leads with a Collaborative Spirit

As Director of Technology, he leads a diverse team of technology professionals working with creative and marketing teams. LMS and GEM currently serve two major, publicly-traded companies full-time. We have team members worldwide, and communication across all departments is vital for optimum productivity.

“We have very talented people here,” he said at a recent meeting at the Orlando office. “We have the resources to accomplish a lot of things.”

Enhancing communications between the Orlando and Fort Lauderdale teams has been a priority since he started. His influence is evident, with teammates taking working trips to each other’s offices and increasingly combining forces as needed.

Development of the xOpsTools, a custom CRM that supports the OceanMedallion™ for client partner Princess Cruises, is also an ongoing project he oversees. xOpsTools is a monitoring and troubleshooting program that includes process automation, ensuring a seamless flow for the MedallionClass® experiences on all Princess Cruises ships.

The DevOps Team operates the xOpsTools that supports the OceanMedallion™, a wearable device that offers hands-free access to services, including boarding, stateroom keys, and payments for drinks and meals. The system operates discreetly and runs 24/7/365 with real-time monitoring by the team.

“I came to LMS for several reasons,” he explains. “The first is because of the company values, the track record of achievement, and the fact that LMS has strong and exciting plans for the future.”

Documentation of technical procedures, functionality, and architecture is also a focus Anderson prioritizes. He is a full-stack tech fluent in web development’s front and back end with more than a decade of experience leading a team. He knows all aspects of technological operations and is a quick thinker who can assess situations from a broad perspective.

Anderson Costa leads with a collaborative spirit and keeps an open line of communication with the team and assists in multiple roles between executives, clients, and team members. He has traveled extensively and speaks several languages.

He graduated from the Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro with a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science. He is well-versed in all programming languages and enjoys learning as much as possible in his spare time.