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What’s Next in the Future of Travel

The future of the travel industry is digital. To stay competitive, companies will have to embrace digital technologies that allow them unprecedented levels of personalized service to customers. Hyper-personalization The future of travel means hyper-personalization. It’s no longer sufficient to understand potential customers as demographic categories. To stay relevant, travel companies must utilize digital technologies…

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Leading from the Front: Hospitality Industry Leaders Outthink Their Competition

Succeeding in the hospitality industry requires outrunning the competition. The most successful leaders are leaving the competition behind as they embrace digital technology and data analysis to transform their companies. In January 2017, Arnold W. Donald, president and CEO of Carnival Corporation, the largest cruise vacation company in the world, delivered the opening keynote at…

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Understanding Guest Habits for a Greater Hospitality Experience

Hospitality Guest Experience

Contenders in the hospitality industry are facing a challenge. With an increase of choices available to guests — whether through no-brand short-term lodgings like Airbnb or because digital marketing gives smaller, boutique establishments more reach — hospitality companies struggle to distinguish themselves from other brands. The Guest Experience In today’s hospitality marketplace, competitive advantages are…

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