Understanding Guest Habits for a Greater Hospitality Experience

Hospitality Guest Experience

Contenders in the hospitality industry are facing a challenge. With an increase of choices available to guests — whether through no-brand short-term lodgings like Airbnb or because digital marketing gives smaller, boutique establishments more reach — hospitality companies struggle to distinguish themselves from other brands. The Guest Experience In today’s hospitality marketplace, competitive advantages are…

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The Business of Valentine’s Day [Infographic]

As we share a day of heartfelt appreciation for one another, here is a fun snapshot of today’s business of love. Opportunities to engage with consumers across all industries continues to grow as people seek more creative ideas for an unforgettable experience. From celebrations to products, customers want moments that they can hold onto forever. This…

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Improving Data Quality in the Food and Beverage Industry: Do’s and Don’ts

In the food and beverage industry, Big Data has become the secret sauce for success. Analyzing customer habits and demographics provides the marketing tools to respond to changing tastes and purchasing patterns. Cruise lines, for example, can leverage technology to collect information about the food and beverage preferences of guests while onboard their ships, making…

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Push and Pull: Better Marketing for Your Automotive Business

The marketing efforts of automotive businesses can get drowned out in a loud marketplace. With so many competitors pushing so many messages it can be difficult to gain traction. Automotive businesses tend to rely on what is called push marketing. It’s aimed at encouraging short-term sales. The medium of choice is usually repetitive and mind-numbing…

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