Leading from the Front: Hospitality Industry Leaders Outthink Their Competition

Succeeding in the hospitality industry requires outrunning the competition. The most successful leaders are leaving the competition behind as they embrace digital technology and data analysis to transform their companies. In January 2017, Arnold W. Donald, president and CEO of Carnival Corporation, the largest cruise vacation company in the world, delivered the opening keynote at…

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Top 5 Strategies for a Happy Harvest [Infographic]

Just because we sit back and relax for the holidays doesn’t mean that campaigns and team efforts should struggle. Strategic vision is important for making cutting-edge progress and optimizing your offerings so you can promote innovation. These are 5 strategies that help your business offerings grow stronger, reap the right types of engagement, and cultivate…

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Stay Nimble: Using Data to Adapt to Changing Marketplaces

It’s 2018, and disruption is the name of the game. No matter how big, brands and companies face a fast-changing landscape as new technology and business models overturn the status quo across all industries. The Threat “From Data to Disruption,” a Harvard Business Review report, set the stage for the global challenges facing businesses: A…

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